The past is often inspiration for the future.

Come and discuss with us, or remind yourself, of the history of lac Mercier and its’ region, from the time of colonization to the current era.

With your stories and anecdotes, we enrich the little history of lac Mercier. Share these precious souvenirs and leave them for the future generations, so that the collective memory becomes an integral part of the history of lac Mercier.

Remind yourself of the evolution of development around the lake over the last 50 years.

Photo Bob Lojk

The little history of the Association of residents of lac Mercier describes the many difficulties overcome by the volunteers devoted to the protection of the environment and the preservation of the environment and the  quality of life of lakeside residents. The commitment of these individuals has largely contributed to the preservation of the unique characteristics which make life at lac Mercier so enjoyable.

Come visit the flora and fauna within the lake environment.