Everyone has their own story...

 Facts and anecdotes from yesteryear translate into the history of tomorrow….
Collection Brien Benoit

Lac Mercier has been witness to the development of Mont-Tremblant. Everyone who has lived at lac Mercier has left their own small footprint in the history of this magnificent site.

Share with us your experience when you just arrived at lac Mercier, and what you witnessed when the first houses and roads were built along the shore.

Your memories will become an integral part of the « little history » of lac Mercier, and will enrich the stories and anecdotes that will be passed onto future generations.

Collection T. Borduas

So many stories to tell, and so many memories to share.

Our little history is also yours…

Send your texts and photos to  info@petitehistoiredulacmercier.ca
List of "The little stories » presented in this page:    (Click on the blue links to access the texts).

Hotel “Pointe du Rocher” during the time of the Calvé’s family ownership... by Thérèse Borduas

Ma jeunesse au temps du “Manoir Lac Mercier”, chemin Plouffe... by Nicole Roch

Un retraité du C.P. s’établit sur la rive du lac by Richard Fortier

La maison du “Canadian Pacific Railway”, chemin Plouffesouvenirs from Pierre McCabe:

Ancestral « Québécois » log house from 19th century by Chris Carruthers

From a sailboat …  to a country home on Chemin des Boisés.– by Nicole Roch 

Once upon a time … text and photos from Jacques Poissant

Review the article by Peter Duncan, Tremblant Express March 2020:  The Letendre brothers’ general store

Review the article by Peter Duncan, Tremblant Express May 2019:  Local guardian angel: Charles-Hector Deslauriers  

Review the article by Peter Duncan, Tremblant Express November 2020:     “The Saint-Louis family

Review the article by Peter Duncan, Tremblant Express,April 2021   “ Hotel Mont-Tremblant, almost 120 years of history

Watch the video produced by Garry Rae: “A Mont-Tremblant Story

Laurentian Ski Museum:: Interview with
Lucille Wheeler

Watch the film produced by NFB relating the early years of skiing in the Laurentians:  Ski in the Valley of the Saints :

The camp Kinneret ....par Guy Korngold

Watch the video produced by TVCL, in February 2015:  “Les voix de notre histoire”   Une rencontre avec André F. Sigouin

Les Pionniers de Saint-Jovite

Facts, Souvenirs and Anecdotes
Hector et Irène Dubois. collection Marc Calvé

Collection Nicole Roch

Collection Pierre McCabe


Collection: Peter Duncan



Snack bar des Saint-Louis. collection Peter Duncan

Coll. Peter Duncan

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