Lettres Patentes


Colonization Land Sales Act

No timber shall be cut before the issue of the letters patent, save for clearing, for firewood or for building and fencing purposes; and any timber cut in contravention of this provision shall be deemed to have been cut without a permit on public land.

The Government may, however, issue letters patent one year after the issue of the location ticket, for public land cleared of timber, provided all the conditions of settlement fixed by law or any order-in-council have been previously fulfilled.

Land under location ticket shall be administered and definitively conveyed by the Minister of Agriculture and Colonizaton, and such land not be subject to any license to cut timber.

The Minister may issue, under his hand and seal, to any person who has purchased, or is permitted to occupy any public land, or to whom a free grant was made in the form of an occupation license or location ticket.

This  person may take possession of and occupy the land therein comprised, subject to the conditions of such license, and may thereunder maintain suits at law against any wrong-doer or trespasser, as effectually as he could do under a patent from the Crown.

The letters patent shall not be issued until the prescribed conditions have been fulfilled.

Sales of public lands may be made by letters patent or by notarial deed.

The Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food may pay colonization premiums to encourage settlers to clear their lots and plough them and reside thereon. The Government may adopt all such regulations as it may deem expedient to determine the conditions to be fulfilled in order to earn such premiums.

 Criteria to granting title to land

Occupation with a goal of Colonisation or Agriculture :

The future colonist had to clear the timber on the land to build a house and adjacent buildings, use the wood for fences or firewood, but could not cut the timber to sell the wood. That privilege was reserved for the lumber companies.

To encourage large families

In 1890, Hon. Honoré Mercier’s government past a law granting to the parents of 12 children one hundred acres of land.

For public uses and forestry development.:

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