Hôtel Pointe du Rocher during the time of the Calvé's family ownership.

Memories of that period:

Some souvenirs and photos from another era, courtesy of Marc Calvé, in 2011, a few years before his passing.

A photo of the original house taken in 1926, was the residence of Lucien Roy, who lived in Wantagh, near Long Beach, New York. It later became the property of M. Syracuse, and later was acquired by the hoteliers Hector Calvé and Maurice Calvé.

The Calvé family enlarged the wooden structure during the 1930’s, and transformed it into a hotel with 15 rooms. The Hotel Pointe du Rocher soon became one of the more popular hotels in the region.


Hector Calvé’s family

Perched on a rocky promontory dominating lac Mercier, the site became very popular with tourists as well as local residents.


« Hector », so named by the residents of the small village, settled in his family, and all participated in the activities of the hotel..




Groups of young people often came to the hotel for good times, which provided employment to many local people.





Marc Calvé waiting on tables (around 1950)


Laurette Clément (cook) et Simon (1976)


Up until the 1950’s, access to the hotel Pointe du Rocher and the village was by the road on the ice of the lake.



The hotel was the site of choice for young married couples on their honeymoon, and for many others who spent their holidays there.


Many old-timers will recall coming to the hotel Pointe du Rocher for a small « pick-me-up » on weekends.







Photos from Brien Benoit (around 1975)

For over forty years, numerous visitors came and kept indelible memories of this enchanting site on lac Mercier.


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