Ancestral « Québécois » log house from 19th century.

Donna et Chris Carruthers were able to preserve the charm of this ancestral house by maintaining and restoring many of the original structural elements. There are several ancestral « Québécois » log houses from the 19th century around the lake, notably on Chemin des Tourterelles and Chemin Pointe-du-rocher.

Collection C. Carruthers


Chris Carruthers tells us about the origin of his house located on the west shore, near the north end of the lake.

“Janine Caron bought the property in 1973.  She was a real estate agent with two children.

It was reported to have been built in the seventies, by dismantling two log houses from the Saint- Sauveur area and moving them to the present site.  Apparently, there was an article in the Montreal Gazette about this reconstruction but I never could find it.”


Janine must certainly have inherited some of the artistic talents of her father Euclide Caron, who was a painter, because she succeeded in preserving all of the charm of this ancestral home.

Collection C. Carruthers

“Janine Caron died in 1984 in an apparent car accident.

The estate trustee had held onto it for a few years until the two daughters reached age18 and then sold it.  It was rented during those first years.

We bought the house in 1986 from her estate, through her brother, Gérard Caron.

We restored the interior and added the back room a few years after we bought it.”


Collection C. Carruthers

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